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Footpath Sign with ACM panel

Footpath Sign with ACM panel

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1. Why Our Footpath Signs are the Best in NZ

Footpath Sign Set Includes
Our Footpath Sign Features
Heavy Duty Water Base
  • Strong Support: 2.5kg without water and 14kg filled with water.
1x ACM Panels
(800x600mm) Laser-cut
  • 5mm Heavy-duty: 5mm ACM panels, not normal 4mm panels, 600x800mm, designed to withstand windy conditions, outperforming standard panels. The panel is laser cut with smooth edges.
Custom Print Options
for Footpath Signs
  • Hand-Writing Option:
    • No printing, white panels only. Perfect for customizable hand-written messages.
  • Double-Sided Printing:
    • UV-resistant outdoor inks on each side guarantee lasting vibrancy, with the option to feature different content on each side for flexible messaging.
  • Enhanced Durability:
    • All options come with a laminated surface, extending the durability and life of the board.

2. Turnaround of Custom Printed Footpath Signs

The turnaround of a customised footpath sign in a normal process is about 4-5 working days. We also offer 2-3 working day urgent services with some extra costs (click for details). Please email to or call us at 09 266 0333 to chat with us before ordering.

3. How to Order Footpath Signs Here

  1. Create an Account: Registration is mandatory to place an order.
  2. Choose Your Design Solution: For custom-printed footpath signs, select a design option in Section 4. Skip this for a footpath sign with no printing.
  3. Order and Upload: Add your product to the cart, upload your design file, and include your design link to finalize your order.
  4. Design Confirmation: If you request design assistance, we'll quickly send a mockup. If not, we'll also review your uploaded artwork and promptly inform you of any issues.

4. How to Design Footpath Signs


Canva is a user-friendly platform that simplifies the creation of custom signs, including footpath signs, suitable even for beginners. We offer a quick tutorial teaches how to design a footpath sign in just 5 minutes.

Use Professional Software

Download our PDF template for Footpath Sign here if you're a professional or experienced designer. We recommend using Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW or similar software for the design and saving your final work as a PDF for uploading when placing your order.  

Use Our Professional Design Service

We don't charge for designs that take under 5 minutes. To facilitate the process, please upload a simple sketch. For intricate designs, please add our design/layout services to your cart. Include your design specifications and any logos in the provided textbox. A mockup will be sent to you for approval before we proceed to print.

    5. What Can Footpath Signs Do For Your Business

    • Visibility Enhancement: Footpath signs increase visibility for businesses off main streets by displaying vital information like services, operating hours, and location, effectively guiding potential customers.
    • Customizable Design: Footpath signs can be customized with vibrant colors and unique graphics to make your business stand out and attract more foot traffic, especially at events.
    • Professional Appearance: Utilizing footpath signs helps maintain a professional image, reinforcing brand identity and contributing to a cohesive aesthetic that appeals to customers.

    6. About us

    • We are located in Auckland, but do delivery nationwide across New Zealand, like Wellington, Hamilton, Tauranga, Dunedin, Palmerston North, Napier and Christchurch (chch).
    • We are also a wholesaler of A-frames, sandwich boards and footpath signs. We guarantee the best prices in New Zealand but will only sell high quality goods.
    • Check out our all 5-star reviews from our satisfied customers on Google+.
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