Design an A-Frame Sandwich Board Sign Using Canva in 5 Minutes

Quickly design striking A-frame sandwich board signs for your business or event using Canva's intuitive tools. Follow our easy three-step guide to transform your signage concepts into reality in just a few minutes.

Step 1: Click the template link and start your design

Click our A-frame sandwich board template on Canva and begin your design. The red line is the trim line and the green marks the safe zone, so please ensure all important content remains within these lines. 

Step 2: Customise Your Design

customise design for a-frame sandwich board
  • Add Text: Use the left text tab to insert and customize your message (font, size, color, alignment) or click any existing textbox in the template for adjustments.
  • Upload logos: Click 'Uploads' > 'Upload files' to add logo files (pdf, ai, svg, eps or any vector file). Access them under the 'Project' tab on the left. We recommend vector files for optimal print quality.
  • Upload Images: Click 'Uploads' > 'Upload files' to add business or event images.
  • Add Elements: Improve your design with shapes, lines, icons, and frames from the 'Elements' tab.
  • Use Brand Colours: Ensure consistency by applying brand colours to text and elements, using exact hex codes in Canva for accuracy.

    Step 3: Download and Share

    A-frame Sandwich Board Design Share Download
    • Download: Hit 'Share' in the top right, then 'Download' and pick 'PDF standard' for your download format. (If you are not able to download the file, just send your "Template Link" with us by email. )
    • Share: Use 'Share' once more, choose 'Template Link', and post the link alongside the downloaded file on the product page of our website.
    upload artwork to

      Tips for Effective A-frame Sign Design on Canva:

      • Simplicity is Key: Don’t overcrowd your sign. Keep the message clear and concise.
      • Visibility: Use large, bold fonts and contrasting colours to ensure your sign is readable from a distance.
      • Consistency: Match your sign’s design with your brand’s existing visual style.

      Use Our Design Service to Save Your Time:

      Creating A-frame sandwich board signs with Canva is an easy and efficient way to boost the visual appeal of your business. However, if you're pressed for time, our professional design service is available to help, offering high-quality designs at a minimal cost to save you time.