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A-frame Sandwich Board Replacement 2x Printed ACM Panels

A-frame Sandwich Board Replacement 2x Printed ACM Panels

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1. Features of Our A-frame Sandwich Board Sign Replacement

  • The price includes a PAIR of single-sided printed ACM panels, each measuring 900x600mm, designed as replacements for an A-frame sandwich board sign.
  • We use 5mm heavy-duty ACM panels, superior to the standard 4mm panels available on the market. The panels feature laser-cut finishing, ensuring smooth and precise edges.
  • The turnaround of a printed replacement in a normal process is about 4-5 working days. We also offer 2-3 working day urgent services with some extra costs (click for details). Please email to or call us at 09 266 0333 to chat with us before ordering.

2. How to Order A-frame Sandwich Board Sign Replacement Here

  1. Create an Account: Registration is mandatory to place an order.
  2. Choose Your Design Solution: For custom-printed a-frame sandwich boards, select a design option in Section 3. 
  3. Order and Upload: Add your product to the cart, upload your design file, and include your design link to finalize your order.
  4. Design Confirmation: If you request design help, we'll send a mockup quickly. No worries. We'll always check your uploaded artwork and notify you if there's an issue.

3. How to Design A-frame Sandwich Board Sign Replacement

- Use

Canva is an intuitive platform that simplifies A-frame sandwich board sign design, making it easy for beginners. Our step-by-step tutorial helps you create custom signage in just 5 minutes, providing a quick and effective way to produce eye-catching signs.

- Use Professional Software

Download our PDF template for A-frame Sandwich Board by clicking here if you're a professional or experienced designer. We recommend using Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW for the design and saving your final work as a PDF for uploading when placing your order.  

- Use Our Professional Design Service

We don't charge for designs that take under 5 minutes. Please upload a basic sketch to guide us and save time. For more complex designs, add our design/layout services to your cart. Specify your design requirements in the textbox and upload your logo if necessary. We'll send you a mockup for approval before printing.

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